Avoiding the Consequences of Committing Plagiarism Using a Checker Plagiarism

Plagiarism is committed by a person when he or she uses the information generated by other people without acknowledging or giving credits to them. Most cases of plagiarism occur on the academe. This is the main reason why academic institutions now strive to push for stricter rules and policies against plagiarism and also programs that will help in eradicating the occurrence of plagiarism in the academe. The rules and regulations involving plagiarism also include the consequences of committing it. This article will discuss all the things that you need to know about the consequences and also how you may use the checker plagiarism to be able to avoid plagiarism.

Failing Grade

If you plagiarize a work of another person and your teacher catches you doing it, then you can receive a failing grade. For instance, if you copy some information from the internet for your written assignments and you did not give credits to where you have copied those information, then your teacher can punish you for committing plagiarism. However, receiving a failing grade is actually just the most unserious punishment you can receive.

Suspension of Expulsion from the School or University

Plagiarism is not tolerated on the academic world. Students who commit it receive serious punishments depending on the degree of offense. Some students may get suspended if they are found plagiarizing contents of other authors. They are not allowed to go to school for a specific number of days. The worst case scenario for a student who commits plagiarism is expulsion. This may be the punishment that will be given to an offender if he or she has committed a serious form of plagiarism or if he or she has done for more than one time. As a result, the student may get kicked out of school.

Copyright or Patent Violations

If you have plagiarized a paper that has a copyright or patent to it, then the punishments you will receive for committing plagiarism are much more serious than that of committing plagiarism within a school of university. What you are now violating is a national law or an international law in some cases. So you may receive more serious punishments for violating copyright acts and patent acts.


A punishment that you really do not want to experience is humiliation. People who commit plagiarism gets their image really destroyed. Offenders especially on the academic filed may not be admitted anymore to other schools or may lose the trust of their colleagues.

Those are the punishments of committing plagiarism that you really do not want to experience. Take not that you may actually be committing plagiarism even if you do not know it. This is called accidental checker plagiarism. This tool can even tell you how much of a content has been plagiarized on the web.

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